Michael E. Shelton, Attorney at Law

If you were injured while working on an oil or gas pipeline, at a refinery, construction site or offshore, the experienced Houston personal injury lawyer who fights for the rights of the working people of Texas, Louisiana and nationwide is Michael E. Shelton, founder of The Shelton Law Firm in Houston.

Any attorney purporting to represent your rights to insurers in negotiations or during litigation at trial should have years of experience and the reputation for results to back them up — and Michael E. Shelton has them. He has been successful in winning verdicts and settlements for working people like you, with families just like yours, for 40 years.

Michael E. Shelton is an equal opportunity good Samaritan in the personal injury law world. He has helped men and women, union members, injured bystanders at accident scenes, and loyal employees hurt on land and at sea. You will not find a lawyer who is more concerned about your freedoms and future, your liberties and livelihood.

Mr. Shelton works hard to obtain the maximum financial compensation you need to deal with lost income, medical bills, and the pain and suffering of your recovery. And he delivers these quality legal services on a contingency fee basis — you owe no attorney fee unless he wins your case.

Michael E. Shelton is licensed to practice in the states of Texas and Louisiana. Find out more about our compassionate founding attorney by clicking on the link below:

Contact Michael E. Shelton and The Shelton Law Firm toll free at 877-771-6139 from wherever you are in the state of Texas or nationwide. We give prompt attention to your e-mail message.