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February 2011 Archives

Texas Man Killed While Rescuing Coworker at a Drilling Site

A Texas man died while working on a drilling rig on Monday, February 21. The fatal industrial accident occurred when two employees were moving pipe around a drilling rig in Midland County.

U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear fatal maritime accident case

The United States Supreme Court agreed this past Tuesday to hear a case that could lead to a decision as to whether certain injured maritime workers would be able to receive workers compensation through the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA).The case in question was Pacific Operations Offshore L.L.P. vs. Luisa L. Valladolid, brought by the widow of a longshoreman killed after being crushed by a forklift 250 feet from shore. The case is especially interesting, as the man spent the majority of his employment working on a drilling platform three miles offshore.

Texas truck driver causes truck accident up north Wednesday

A truck driver based in Gun Barrel City, Texas lost control of his rig and allegedly caused a truck accident up on I-80 in Iowa this past Wednesday. Such an accident is a fresh reminder of how dangerous large commercial vehicles can become if improperly operated. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the crash.The trucker was proceeding westbound on I-80 through the heartland of America Wednesday morning when he lost control of his semi-truck. The police report indicates the Texan was proceeding west in the right lane at approximately 8:40 a.m. when he leaned down to grab a cup and struck a bridge guardrail, throwing the truck and trailer out of control.Rescuers arrived at the scene of the accident not long after the truck came to a rest in a nearby ditch. The driver had to be extracted by rescue officials from his vehicle, and was taken in an ambulance to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Fortunately, he had been wearing his seatbelt and was not substantially injured in the truck accident.

Fatal industrial accident claims life of Texas man last week

A large explosion at a natural gas plant just outside of Houston last Tuesday has left one man dead. The accident occurred at Enterprise Products in Mont Belvieu on February 8th over the noon hour.The body of the contract maintenance worker originally listed as missing after the deadly explosion was not located by the search crew until more than 36 hours after the blast. The large natural gas explosion that took the man's life burned for close to a day before being extinguished. One eye-witness reported that the man was positioned directly in the middle of the cloud of gas before it ignited, so there was little opportunity for him to escape. The man had been on-site for a scheduled "system improvement project" at the time of the fatal industrial accident.An Enterprise search crew had to wait until the fire died Wednesday before it was safe to begin an extensive search for the man's body. They ended up finding him at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. The man's truck remained parked outside the natural gas facility Thursday, a solemn reminder of the loss of life that occurred earlier that week.

West Texas truck accident kills five last weekend

A trucking accident in West Texas has left five people dead, three of whom were children. The deadly collision occurred between a Volkswagen Beetle and a dump truck roughly five miles north of Midland last Sunday.The driver of the sub-compact car was identified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to be the grandmother of the three children passengers in the vehicle, ages 8, 3 and 2. The police report indicates the car containing the grandmother and grandchildren hit the dump truck head-on. All of those in the car were killed immediately after the trucking accident.

The driver of the dump truck was also killed as a result of the accident, but police believe his death was the result of a fire that started in his vehicle after the crash. Reports indicate the driver had been able to call and speak with his wife from inside the truck after the accident, but was apparently unable to exit the vehicle as it became engulfed in flames.

Girl injured in boating accident had leg amputated Tuesday

The family of a swimmer seriously injured by a boat propeller this past weekend is happy she is still alive. The girl was hit while trying to board from the water was airlifted from the scene to St. Mary's Medical Center in South Florida Saturday, near Juno Pier where the boating accident occurred. She remains in critical condition at the hospital this week.The girl seriously injured in the incident is a local resident and high school student. One of her legs was so severely injured by the boat's propeller that she was forced to undergo an amputation of the leg below the knee Tuesday.Witnesses to the boat accident claim that as the girl and two others were attempting to climb on board, the teenage driver was forced to suddenly rev the engine in order to prevent the boat from proceeding further towards shore and becoming beached. As the boat abruptly backed up, the girl's leg was likely pulled underneath the boat and into the propeller, causing the injury.

Dredging Ship Involved in Maritime Accident off South Padre Island

Inclement weather caused a 305-foot suction dredge vessel to run aground near the south jetty of the Brownsville Santiago Pass at South Padre Island late last month. The ship's hull integrity was compromised, suffering severe damage in the maritime accident.The Coast Guard reports that after sending a distress call to Marine Safety Detachment Brownsville on January 24th, the crew of the Texas worked quickly to move dangerous fuel from the ship, transferring it to a nearby vessel. This transfer greatly reduced the risk of pollution to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. No one suffered serious injury or death as a result of the boat accident.

Boat takes on water off the coast of Texas last month

The Coast Guard responded to a ship in distress off the coast of Corpus Christi last month. A 65-foot long fishing vessel suffered hull fractures and was taking on water in the engine room. The Coast Guard's emergency response team began arriving at the scene of the boating accident within two hours of receiving the distress call from the ship's captain and consisted of vehicles included a helicopter and two separate vessels.The Ella Deonna's hull was found to be compromised beyond immediate repair as the vessel was sitting 50 miles east of Corpus Christi in the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast Guard's helicopter carried the first emergency response team to arrive on the scene. They brought with them a dewatering pump so the Ella Deonna could begin to remove the steady influx of water in the engine room. No one on board the ship appears to have suffered a maritime injury as a result of the accident.

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