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April 2011 Archives

Worker dies from injuries sustained during demolition in Texas

On Tuesday, a construction worker was injured in Galveston, Texas, when he was crushed during the demolition of a historic Galveston hotel, and yesterday it was reported that the worker died as a result of those injuries.

BP agrees to pay $1 billion to begin Gulf clean-up

Last week, spokespeople from BP, five states and the federal government announced that BP has agreed to pay $1 billion to sponsor restoration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the largest amount any oil company has ever agreed to pay in the wake of an oil spill, the New York Times reported. However, it will not even begin to satisfy the civil fines, penalties and legal claims, and possible criminal charges BP faces, the Times said.

Texas House approves bill raising highway speed limits

The highways in Texas are some of the nation's busiest with a high amount of traffic from semi-trucks or 18-wheelers. Because of their size and sheer force, a collision with a semi-truck is often catastrophic, and many times is caused by poor driving decisions made by the truck driver. One of the most common poor driving decisions made by truck drivers is speeding.

Congress' failure to launch offshore drilling reform

Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle ran an interesting article on deepwater drilling reform a year after the Gulf's BP disaster that killed 11 and injured 17 drilling vessel workers. It said that Congress still hasn't agreed on how to hold BP liable and has stalled on most of the drilling safety reform ideas it had in the wake of the spill. What has been decided, though, is that the federal law currently in place, putting a $75 million limit on companies' liability for offshore spills, will not do.

2 Texas workers killed while constructing radio tower

Even with all of the advanced technology and innovations we have today, there are still many dangerous jobs being performed by Americans that can kill or injure workers if the proper safety measures are not taken. Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle reported that two workers from Texas were killed when they fell off of a radio tower they were assembling in Indiana.

Trial wraps up in deadly Texas construction accident

In 2009, a scaffolding accident occurred at a construction site on the University of Texas' West Campus that took the lives of three and injured another. Last Friday, the trial for the resulting personal injury lawsuit came to a close and ended with an emotional address from the judge presiding over the case.

United States government seeks to make pipelines safer

This week, CNN reported that the Obama administration has unveiled a plan to make the nation's oil and gas pipelines safer. And while much of the pipeline network in the country is old and in desperate need of repair, the major construction needed could lead to an increase in injuries to workers.

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