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May 2011 Archives

Texas City BP worker sues for injuries received on job

As we frequently discuss, it is often possible for workers who are injured on the job to sue their employers if the injury was the result of negligence on behalf of the employer. In a personal injury lawsuit, a worker may be awarded compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

3 hurt after semi slams into tow truck in Texas

The side of the road can be a very dangerous place to be, especially in the dark. Early Saturday morning, two tow trucks were pulled over on the side of the road outside of Houston, Texas, assisting a female driver who had a flat tire.

3 oil workers injured in western Texas

While accidents in the workplace happen across all industries, the oil industry sees more than its fair share of accidents that leave workers seriously injured. These work-related injuries are especially common in Texas where the oil industry keeps growing and demand continues to rise.

Texas tractor-trailer collision leads to wrongful death suit

Texas has a lot of trucking traffic, and, unfortunately, sees many accidents involving 18-wheelers. Semi-trucks are extremely powerful pieces of machinery and when one collides with a smaller vehicle, the truck driver is often left uninjured while the driver of the smaller car likely has serious injuries. However, when two semi-trucks collide, either driver could be killed or injured.

Two Texas truck undercarriage accidents in one day

It happened twice in one day. Two separate motorists in two individual accidents at opposite ends of the day sandwiched their vehicles beneath the underbelly of tractor-trailer trucks in the Dallas, Texas, area.

Texas drilling company fined by OSHA for safety violations

In November, there was a fatal accident at an oil rig outside of Cotulla, Texas, when a worker who was setting up the rig was hit and killed by a portion of the track for the drive system of the drilling platform. There had been 13 workers at the site when the accident happened.

Truckers in East Texas driving too fast after oil boom

A stretch of U.S. Highway 84 in East Texas has become infamous for being dangerous after many accidents and one fatality involving semi-trucks have occurred. The stretch is known as the Haslem Strip, which has become extremely busy with semi trucks hauling saltwater and other cargo to and from busy oil and gas sites in Texas and Louisiana as the oil industry powers ahead.

Texas workers may be most vulnerable in country

This week, Your News Now in Austin released quite a startling report highlighting the fact that Texas is the only state in the country that does not require employers to carry workers' compensation. Even further, Texas law typically allows general contractors to be off the hook for accidents that occur when the supervisor is not present, Your News Now reported.

Texas truck accident exposes 5 tons of marijuana

Oftentimes, accidents involving 18-wheelers can be made worse depending on the materials that the truck carries, especially when those materials are hazardous. For example, a few weeks ago, we posted about a semi truck carrying gasoline that was struck head-on and caused a large, deadly explosion. Hazardous materials can also cause environmental damage, and can take a very long time to clean up. But sometimes, the materials that a truck carries are dangerous for other reasons.

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