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Two Texas truck undercarriage accidents in one day

It happened twice in one day. Two separate motorists in two individual accidents at opposite ends of the day sandwiched their vehicles beneath the underbelly of tractor-trailer trucks in the Dallas, Texas, area.

The first truck underride accident occurred on Monday morning in Denton County. The driver of a Honda was injured when the car was compressed beneath an 18-wheel dump truck. A passenger in the vehicle was unhurt, local news reported.

Later the same day a motorist on Interstate 35E, who made a last minute decision at an exit ramp in Lancaster, slid his sports car underneath a tractor-trailer and became wedged underneath of it.

The driver had swerved back onto the interstate suddenly after realizing the exit was blocked by construction. Dallas and Lancaster fire crews worked to free the injured driver from the wreckage. Luckily, the truck driver sustained no injuries and there was no one else in the car at the time of the accident.

Truck underride accidents are extremely dangerous and can lead to death and permanent injury. Sometimes the accidents happen because the semi truck has a poorly functioning underride guard. Other times, the force is simply too much for the guard to handle.

No matter how it occurs, being wedged underneath a powerful 18-wheeler flying down the highway can be very traumatic for the driver of the car. If you should ever find yourself in a situation like this, the best thing to do is stay calm.

It is also important to keep an eye out for semi trucks on the road. However, truck drivers have the duty to drive within the speed limits and to properly maintain safety equipment on 18-wheelers so that they do not become a hazard on the roads.

Source: My Fox, Dallas-Fort Worth, "Car Slides Under 18-Wheeler, Again," Alice Wolke, 5/10/2011.

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