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November 2011 Archives

Texas concrete recycling facility fined by OSHA

Industrial accidents are common in Texas and cause many unnecessary injuries and deaths each year. In effort to prevent dangerous conditions in factories and other industries, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration was put in charge of setting and enforcing workplace safety standards.

Texas manufacturing company fined $50k by OSHA

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has established extensive rules and regulations that must be followed in workplaces to prevent work-related injuries in Texas and elsewhere. When companies fail to follow these safety regulations, OSHA may cite and fine the companies for noncompliance.

Texas worker files suit against construction site

Recently, it was reported that a southeast Texas man, who was working in construction for a drywall company, has filed suit against the owner and contractor of the property where he was injured while working on Sept. 27 of 2010.

Texas roofer suffers burns, smoke inhalation in tar fire

Roofing is a very dangerous line of work in Texas. Not only are roofers at risk of falling from elevated heights, they also often work with dangerous and flammable materials.

Texas sewer line accident leaves one dead, another missing

A Texas sewer line accident has killed one worker with another is still missing after they entered a sewer without wearing protective breathing equipment. The fatality is believed to have been caused by gas exposure, with emergency officials speculating that the other worker likely also died after being overwhelmed by noxious fumes.

Texas family awarded $4.7M after TxDOT worker killed

When performing maintenance along Texas roads, workers can be at risk of catastrophic trucking accidents. On June 21, 2010, a Beaumont, Texas, worker was killed on Highway 73 while working for the Texas Department of Transportation when an 18-wheeler collided into the truck he was riding on.

OSHA fines Texas grain company $300k after incident

Texas is home to many, many ranch and agricultural workers. These workers perform very hard labor under intense sun and heat. Too often, the conditions are made even worse by dangerous workplaces. When this is the case, serious injuries and even death can result.

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