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Southwest Houston trench collapses on two workers, killing one

One construction worker is dead following an accident in Houston, Texas. The accident occurred when a trench collapsed on two construction workers, killing one of them and injuring another in Southwest Houston. Both men were working with a group on a drainage project.

According to media reports, the accident occurred last Friday evening at 7 p.m. on Beechnut Road near Club Creek. The construction site was located behind an apartment complex, according to reports from officials. Witness accounts report that, following the trench collapse, a group of contractors working on the drainage project ran to nearby people asking for help.

Reportedly, the trench was close to 12-feet-deep and around 8-feet-wide. According to the Captain of the Houston Fire Department, the slough that was around the trench is what caused a pipe to move and pin one of the workers. The other worker was buried underneath nearly three tons of soil.

According to witness reports, all of the workers at the construction site grabbed shovels and attempted to dig the workers out before firefighters arrived on scene.

When firefighters arrived, they were able to rescue one of the workers, a 28-year-old man. Rescue workers rushed him to a local medical center. The other worker, who is believed to be approximately 30-years-old, was unable to be saved.

It is likely that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration will conduct an investigation of the job site to determine the cause of the cave-in, and if anything should have been done to prevent it.

If so, the construction company and other liable parties could face hefty fines in addition to personal injury lawsuits brought by the injured worker and the family of the worker killed.

Source: KTRK-TV Houston, TX, "Trench collapses on two workers in SW Houston," Demond Fernandez, Jan. 6, 2012

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