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Industrial worker killed in accident at Port of Texas City

An industrial accident has reportedly claimed the life of another worker in Texas. Officials said that a 26-year-old industrial worker was killed in an accident at a Southeast Texas port Saturday night, and an autopsy was scheduled for today.

Apparently investigators have not determined the cause of the industrial accident and they are currently trying to piece together all of the details. The accident occurred at a Dallas Group of America Inc. site at the Port of Texas City. Officials said that the accident victim had been working on equipment used to package products.

The worker was rushed to a Texas City hospital, where he was pronounced dead that same night. The Associated Press reportedly attempted to contact the worker's employer but did not get a response.

It is likely that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will perform a detailed inspection of the job site to look for dangerous conditions that may have contributed to the fatal accident. If the company is found in violation of health and safety regulations, it could be fined extensively.

It is also possible that the family of the worker who was killed could bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the employer, if the accident was the result of negligence or willful misconduct on behalf of the employer. Poor lighting, poor training and poor safety precautions are all examples of negligence that could create an unsafe work environment

It's important to remember that negligence claims like this must be filed within two years of the incident in Texas. This limited period of time is called the "statute of limitations." Unfortunately, after this time has passed, it is nearly impossible to file a claim.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Worker dies in accident at Texas City port," Feb. 13, 2012

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