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Road rage cause of many accidents in Houston area

Hundreds of automobile and trucking accidents in the Houston area over the past five years were caused by road rage, according to a recent report. Crash data from the Texas Department of Transportation shows that as many as 900 accidents were caused by drivers who could not maintain their cool behind the wheel.

The data shows that crashes related to road rage were most common during evening rush hour, and trucks are the most common type of vehicle involved. Additionally, the data shows that men were the cause of a majority of road rage-related accidents.

A spokesman from the Houston Police Department said the use of undercover patrol officers has lowered the instances of road rage. However, a research engineer at Texas Transportation Institute said he doubts instances of road rage are decreasing, especially in metropolitan areas like Houston.

One of the reasons road rage accidents are so terrible is because innocent bystanders often end up involved. Last fall, a Bexar County man was driving his son home from daycare when his car was side-swiped by a truck involved in a duel with another motorist. Sadly, the child was left paralyzed from the neck down as a result of the accident.

Road rage accidents can be especially dangerous if the driver of a semi-truck is involved. Because of the sheer size and weight of semi-trucks or tractor trailers, collisions are often deadly. That's why it's extremely important for truck drivers to operate the heavy machines with due care.

Unfortunately, truck driver negligence, including road rage incidents, is a common cause of trucking accidents. When truck driver negligence is the cause of a serious accident, both the truck driver and his employer could face liability in a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Hundreds of accidents blamed on Houston road rage," Yang Wang and John Tedesco, July 20, 2012

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