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January 2014 Archives

Texas-based railroad ordered to pay millions to injured worker

The former Marine enjoys nature and taking walks in state parks. Since his workplace accident, however, walking is a difficult task rather than a pleasure. That's because the former employee of a Texas-based railroad had to have his right leg amputated below the knee after the limb was crushed beneath the wheels of a train in a rail yard where he worked. He has had to relearn to walk, using a prosthetic leg.

Paralyzed Texas warehouse worker awarded $12.1 million

When someone is awarded a large amount in a personal injury lawsuit, many people assume that person must feel as if they've just won the lottery. In reality, it means the person has suffered devastating injuries that often result in a lifetime of pain, medical care, surgeries and more.

Crew member airlifted to safety after maritime accident, injury

Few members of the public are aware of a law called the Jones Act. One of the law's provisions is to lay out legal protections for crew members who suffer injuries on offshore vessels; injuries due to a vessel not being seaworthy.

Man killed when forklift drops truck at Amarillo worksite

A worker was killed in a tragic worksite accident in Amarillo this week. According to the Associated Press, a pickup truck that was being worked on at a wrecker service fell loose from the forklift that was hoisting it, dropping on top of workers below.

Driver rear-ended by semi truck sues truck driver and employer

Those crashes and collisions in which large commercial trucks are involved are among some of the most serious of all motor vehicle accidents. Due to the considerable size and weight of a semi or tractor-trailer truck, drivers and passengers impacted in a truck accident often suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

Lawsuit filed over injuries suffered in barge collision

Individuals who work aboard boats and other types of sea vessels are often forced to perform work duties under dangerous conditions. Slippery floors and decks and shifting work equipment may result in a seaman being injured in a slip and fall accident or by falling materials. In other cases, serious injuries result when a vessel encounters mechanical problems or collides with another ship or barge.

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