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Deep-water oil production on the rise in the Gulf of Mexico

For many in the Houston area, the words “deep water” can have two very different meanings. Some hear the words and think of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig disaster that left 11 workers dead.

Others hear “deep water” and think of the good-paying jobs coming on line with news that deep-water oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is on the rise again. 

Shell recently announced the start-up of its Olympus offshore platform that will push Gulf production to new highs in just two years, if all goes as planned by the company and its partner, BP.

The new platform sits atop 3,000 feet of Gulf of Mexico water covering the Mars oil field about 130 miles south of Louisiana.

More projects are due to start up over the course of this year and next, with plans to push regional daily production beyond the previous record of 1.8 million barrels a day. The old record was set before BP’s deadly Macondo oil blowout.

The Mars field was discovered 25 years ago and is part of the largest in the Gulf (the Mars-Ursa field).

Shell has its Cardamom project, another 95 miles to the south, due to begin extracting oil later this year.

While increasing oil production is good news for the companies involved and for the Houston economy, the men and women who work on the rigs and on the vessels going to and from the platforms know how dangerous their work can be.

For those injured on an oil rig or a vessel, a conversation with an attorney experienced in maritime law can help clarify complicated legal issues regarding compensation for medical expenses, lost income and more.

Source:, “Deep-water giant begins production in Gulf of Mexico field,” Zain Shauk, Feb. 4, 2014

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