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Man recalls workplace accident that damaged his arm

We talk about severe work accidents quite often in this blog, whether they take place in Texas or elsewhere. But only those who have been harmed in an on-the-job incident truly know what it is like to go through one. An article about a man who lost two fingers and badly injured his arm in a terrible accident provides a vivid description of the experience.

The man actually has few memories of the workplace accident itself. He works as a soil tester, and was using an auger when his glove somehow got caught on a bolt. His sweatshirt became lodged in the auger, breaking his right arm in several places and cracking a vertebra. He was also chocked by his own sweatshirt and lost consciousness.

Fortunately, he was discovered and helped by police and co-workers until an ambulance arrived. The man recalled having a dream about high school football, and waking up with a crowd around him, not knowing what had happened.

He actually felt little pain because of adrenaline and shock, so he was not aware of the extent to which his right arm was damaged until after he arrived at the hospital. He was soon transferred to another hospital, where he underwent several surgeries. He recalled how the accident blurred his vision for the first few days.

Today, he goes through three 90-minute sessions of rehab each week to regain use of his arm and hand. He believes it will be another six months of therapy before he will be able to go back to work. In the mean time, he has had to get used to using his left hand to perform everyday tasks.

Source: Wahpeton Daily News, “Work injury results in severe arm damage,” Karen Speidel, April 30, 2014

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