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Construction company group says fatal accidents down 50% in Texas

A lobby group for general contractors says that the construction industry in Texas has gotten much safer than it was in 2004. The Associated General Contractors said that the number of fatal construction accidents has dropped 50 percent in the last decade.

The President of AGC’s Austin chapter said this decline in construction worker deaths occurred even as the number of construction projects went up in Texas. No reason for this dramatic improvement is given by Construction Citizen. The Austin president said that it is a sign that “construction companies here take jobsite safety very seriously.”

One possible reason for improved workplace safety at Texas construction sites is an increased commitment to worker safety training. Many contractors affiliated with AGC reported participating in the recent National Safety Stand-Down on Fall Protection.

A stand-down is a temporary work stoppage in which workers get the chance to receive safety training. The stand-down on preventing construction site falls was organized by the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration, which investigates workplace accidents.

Hopefully, this is part of a trend, and construction work will involve fewer and fewer fatal construction accidents. But if it is not due to a concerted plan or higher priority on safety, it could simply be a random dip that could end soon.

In the meantime, construction work will likely continue to carry a risk of serious injury and death. Sadly, grieving families will be left with a huge hole in their lives. Financial compensation could provide some peace of mind for those in that terrible position.

Source: Construction Citizen, “Construction Injuries in Texas Down Dramatically, AGC Says,” Scott Braddock, June 12, 2014

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