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October 2014 Archives

Maritime law: Protecting commercial divers' rights

If you are a commercial scuba diver in Texas or Louisiana, then your job is inherently hazardous, but you are nonetheless entitled by law to a reasonably safe work environment. Safe commercial diving requires proper training, planning, cooperation and adherence to established safety procedures, and a mistake on the part of a supervisor, boat captain or other maritime worker can quickly lead to serious injuries.

Fire at Texas oil rig seriously injures 5 contractors

Oil rig fires are preventable accidents that too often leave Texas workers with lifelong injuries and disfigurement. When this kind of accident happens, oil rig workers who have suffered burn injuries need to be aware of every available option for receiving appropriate medical treatment and compensation. Often a work injury attorney is needed to maximize the amount of compensation an injured worker receives.

2 workers trapped, killed at TX water treatment plant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating a workplace accident that took the lives of two men at an El Paso water treatment facility. The men were doing repair work in a dry equipment room -- or pump pit -- when a leak caused the room to fill with sludge, a byproduct of treated waste water.

Work accidents also threaten bystanders in Texas

Helping workers recover from injuries is often the subject of our blog posts, but employees and contractors are not the only ones who suffer injuries because of work-related accidents. Bystander injury is another concern in multiple industries throughout Texas.

What should employers do to protect workers from hearing loss?

The loud and constant din of noise in industrial workplaces is a major cause of disability among employees. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year in the United States about $242 million in workers' compensation is paid out for hearing loss disability, and the leading cause of work-related illness is occupational hearing loss. In 2007, hearing loss made up 14 percent of all reported occupational illness.

Truck accident deaths spiked in TX in last several years

We've written before about the high risk of work-related transportation accidents in Texas. In fact, our previous post -- "Work-related auto accidents up amid Texas fracking boom" -- discusses the impact of auto accidents on oil patch workers in the Lone Star State.

Separate incidents, same plant: Texas workers exposed to gases

Separate chemical exposures recently occurred on the same day at a Texas plastics plant. A contractor and two employees were taken to hospitals after the two incidents. The hospital visits were said to be precautionary measures, though the effects of chemical exposures can show up some time after the initial contact.

Federal statistics: Pipeline injuries have nearly doubled in a year

The oil and gas industry is currently seeing a boom in Texas, and with that boom has come a higher risk of injury and death for oil patch and pipeline workers. We recently discussed the issue as it relates specifically to work-related auto accidents amid the Texas fracking boom.

Worker killed in equipment accident on Texas drilling site

After injurious work accidents, it's common for the employer or the company responsible for the work site to issue a statement saying that the safety of employees and contractors is the company's top priority. It is also common for subsequent investigations to reveal that employers failed to take the necessary steps to keep workers out of harm's way.

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