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Work accidents also threaten bystanders in Texas

Helping workers recover from injuries is often the subject of our blog posts, but employees and contractors are not the only ones who suffer injuries because of work-related accidents. Bystander injury is another concern in multiple industries throughout Texas.

In one of our recent posts, we discussed the dangers of truck accidents for passenger vehicle occupants and truck drivers. Occupants of passenger vehicles face a high risk of injury and death in collisions with large trucks, but there is also a significant threat of bystander injury when accidents occur at construction sites, pipelines, oil refineries and chemical plants.

By law, property owners, construction companies and industrial facilities must ensure that work sites are safe not only for contractors and employees, but also for others in the vicinity. A structural collapse, equipment accident or failure to provide proper warning signs could result in serious injuries for an innocent bystander.

Explosions, fires and chemical leaks are other accidents that too often have life-altering consequences for people who live, work or travel near industrial work sites. Before an accident occurs, the hazards of a work area may be obvious or not clear at all from the point of view of a bystander. An attorney with experience in investigating work accidents can gather evidence to determine the exact cause of the accident and seek to maximize the amount of compensation the injured bystander receives.

The Shelton Law Firm represents on-site workers and bystanders who have been injured because of workplace accidents. Our bystander injury overview has more on these matters.

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