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December 2014 Archives

OSHA fines cut in half after fatal petrochemical blast in Louisiana

Large and powerful companies have significant resources to challenge government investigations of major workplace accidents. When the investigation points to a "willful" or "serious" safety violation on the part of an employer, you can be assured that the company will try to challenge the findings to have the violation reduced to a less serious one.

Wife of injured oil rig worker speaks out after explosion

Oil rig workers throughout Texas and Louisiana are undoubtedly happy to be home with their families for the holidays. Some families are not so lucky, however.

Report: Texas ranks highest in construction accident deaths

They're called the "fatal four" -- the four most common causes of fatal construction accidents: electrocutions, falls, getting caught in machinery or between objects and getting hit by an object.

Work injury claims: Calculating the long-term effects of TBI

Each year researchers and medical professionals learn more about the short- and long-term effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI), which too often results from work-related accidents in Texas. Even if you have a good insurance plan, it may not pay the full cost of caring for a brain injury, and you may need to explore your legal options for covering those bills and getting the medical care you need.

Smaller oil companies placed on watch list for safety shortfalls

Since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico has focused on improved safety, and rightly so. However, while large oil companies such as Chevron, Shell and BP have improved safety inspection scores, inspections at smaller companies' offshore platforms tell a different story.

Construction site accidents can vary quite a bit

In their heads, individuals may tend to lump construction site accidents all into the same category. However, a very important thing to understand about construction accidents is that they are not a uniform accident type in which pretty much every accident is the same. Construction site accidents can vary considerably from one another in several different ways. 

Injured workers suing Houston companies over fatal oilrig blast

We have noted before on this blog about the inherent risks oil and gas industry workers of the line face day to day. Most people likely have little appreciation for the hazardous nature of the various jobs. But the workers do, and besides getting the proper training and taking well-established precautions, those workers count on their employers to ensure that the environments they have to work in are as safe as they can be.

Hit and run leaves Baton Rouge construction worker seriously injured

Road construction workers put their lives on the line on a daily basis, and it is the duty of every driver to follow the rules of the road, pay attention to signage and exercise due caution in construction zones.

More information surfaces around DuPont chemical leak

The public is gradually getting a clearer picture of the severity of the recent DuPont chemical leak in LaPorte. A leak of foul-smelling methyl mercaptan lingered over LaPorte for more than a day, and four workers died in connection with the accident.

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