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2 workers suffer burn injuries in another Texas torch accident

Serious accidents can happen when welders are told that a container they're using a torch on is empty when it really isn't. In industries throughout Texas, tanks and barrels contain flammable and potentially explosive substances, and proper precautions have to be taken before workers are asked to use a torch on these containers.

We discussed a number of torch and welding accidents in 2014. One such incident involved a 55-gallon barrel that a worker was cutting with a torch. The worker had been told that the barrel contained a coolant, but it really contained a paint thinner, and the barrel exploded.

More recently, two Texas workers were hospitalized with burn injuries after the tanker truck the men were doing welding work on exploded.

The accident happened at an oilfield in Karnes County, and according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the tank that exploded had not been properly cleaned when the workers started using a torch on it. Sparks from the welding caused the explosion.

The workers were taken to a hospital in San Antonio to be treated for second- and third-degree burns.

Many Texas employers choose to opt out of the state workers' compensation program and try to deny liability when a serious work accident happens. If you have been injured on the job in Texas, then it is important that you speak with a work injury attorney with the experience and knowledge to build a strong claim for compensation. A workers' comp attorney can investigate whether the employer met his or her duty of care to protect workers from injury.

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