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Houston construction accidents described as 'happening quite often'

"It's happening quite often. It's just another day in the Houston Fire Department."

Those are the words of the HFD district chief, who was referring to a recent construction accident in downtown Houston. A worker on an elevated platform reportedly fell 15 to 20 feet into a trench and had to be lifted out in a Stokes basket. He was hospitalized at Hermann Memorial, but the extent and nature of his injuries were not reported.

While construction site accidents may occur relatively frequently, they should not become the norm. Construction workers, like workers in every other industry in the United States, have the right to a reasonably safe workplace. That means workers must be properly trained and provided with the appropriate safety gear. Construction equipment should also be routinely inspected and maintained.

When an injurious construction accident does occur, the injured worker should be aware of every available option for receiving compensation. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies often do what is in their power to deny workers the compensation they need. This situation puts employees and their families in a very difficult spot, and often people don't know where to turn when the company they believed would support them doesn't.

The employee-employer relationship can quickly become adversarial when the employer denies an injury claim or the insurance company tries to minimize coverage.

If you believe your work injury was caused by someone else's negligence, or if your employer is trying to prevent you from receiving the compensation you need, then a work injury attorney can investigate your case and fight on your behalf.

The Shelton Law Firm has 40 years of experience in litigating complex injury cases in Texas, Louisiana, throughout the United States, and internationally.

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