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Identifying all potentially liable parties after a work equipment accident

Defective or improperly maintained work equipment causes serious injuries every year, and for a worker to receive the maximum compensation for an injury, it is important to investigate the accident to determine all potentially liable parties. A work injury attorney can conduct such an investigation, notify the potentially responsible parties, and protect the injured worker's interests throughout the entire process.

An investigation of a work equipment accident may involve looking into the manufacturer, the warranty on the equipment and how the seller or manufacturer represented the product to the buyer or the user. If the quality of the work equipment has been misrepresented, or the manufacture or design of the equipment is faulty, then these mistakes could be the basis of a legal claim against the responsible party or parties.

Equipment used on the job should have appropriate safety features. Too often, negligent manufacturers fail in their duty of care to workers by not ensuring that safety features actually work and continue to work over time.

The employer's failure to follow safety standards is another common cause of work equipment injuries. Maybe the employer hasn't implemented proper safety policies, or the employer hasn't provided the appropriate safety training before assigning a worker to use dangerous tools or equipment. Mistakes on the part of independent workers, such as electricians, can also lead to serious job-site injuries.

If you have been injured in a Texas equipment accident, then you may be wondering how you'll cover the cost of medical care, lost wages and other expenses resulting from the injury. A work injury attorney can assess your case and explain your options.

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