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Injuries to workers often catastrophic in pipeline explosions

Work-related injuries are problems that too many people across Houston have to deal with. In the blink of an eye, a person can go from a completely healthy and capable worker to one that needs emergency care for devastating injuries.

This can certainly be the case for victims of pipeline accidents and explosions. There are a number of inherent hazards associated with working on or near pipeline across the U.S. which means that workers and pipeline companies must comply with strict safety requirements to minimize the potential for accidents. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen.

Gas and oil pipelines are almost like roads in that they cover millions of miles across this country. And just like the roads that we travel on every day, the pipelines that transport these materials are vulnerable to deterioration.

Over time, pipes can leak, rupture or get damaged without proper maintenance. When this happens, the potential for an explosion is a very real concern. In too many situations, these explosions cause extensive damage to the people and property nearby. Often, those who suffer the most devastating injuries are those who are working on the pipeline.

In the event of a pipeline explosion, it can be crucial for injured victims to seek medical help immediately. In many cases, workers can suffer catastrophic burns that can lead to permanent nerve damage, loss of limbs or even death, so medical attention is vital.

It can also be important to seek legal counsel after a pipeline explosion. Money may be the last thing on the minds of people affected by these accidents, but it it something that can provide critical support, considering the fact that these types of injuries often require lengthy hospital stays, surgical operations and ongoing rehabilitative care. There may also be funeral expenses and extensive pain and suffering that victims and their families experience. All of these financial damages can add up and make an already difficult situation even worse.

The Shelton Law Firm is in a position to provide victims and families with the legal support they need as they recover from a devastating work accident. Readers are encouraged to visit our website to learn more about this firm, including our background in and approach to working with people affected by pipeline accidents.

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