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1 in 5 Texas construction workers suffer an on-the-job injury

Population growth in the Lone Star State is very healthy. Austin, Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth are some of the fastest growing cities across the nation. With more people comes the need for more construction, and ours is booming. Approximately one million people in Texas are construction workers, but how safe are the working conditions?

Build a Better Texas is a research report conducted by Workers Defense Project, and the findings reveal some shocking facts about just how unsafe many job sites are for construction workers. There are three important “takeaways” from this report:

  1. The risk for injury or death is high: A survey showed that one in five Texas construction workers reported suffering at least one work-related injury that required medical attention. In 2010,
  2. Inadequate training and safety violations are prevalent problems: The report found that 60 percent of workers receive insufficient health and safety training that could help prevent accidents. With only one Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigator per 103,899 workers, many safety violations go unnoticed and uncorrected.
  3. Workers’ compensation does not cover all types of damage: Workers’ compensation insurance is not mandatory for employers in Texas. Even when employers do carry worker’s compensation, it does not provide for pain and suffering or other very real damages suffered by workers and their families. If a safety violation caused your accident, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against your employer that compensates you for more than workers’ compensation benefits can.

You should consult with a personal injury attorney after a construction accident. The lawyer can help you understand your options and obtain the maximum compensation based on the individual circumstances of your case.

Source:, “Build A Better Texas: Construction Working Conditions In The Lone Star State,” Accessed March 18, 2015

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