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April 2015 Archives

Houston trench accident leaves construction worker with broken leg

Trench work on construction sites is dangerous work. If you're working down in a trench, then you likely have tons of earth surrounding you, and cave-ins are a very real and terrifying possibility. There may also be heavy equipment nearby that, with one wrong move, could seriously injure you. Falls are also common causes of injuries when workers are down in a trench.

Workers say Marathon is rolling back safety practices at Galveston Bay refinery

Ten years ago, a huge explosion at what was then the BP Texas City refinery took the lives of 15 workers and injured 180 other people. Shockwaves from the blast were felt five miles away.

Property owners and employer named as defendants in Harris County painter's injury lawsuit

If you're a contractor who has been hired to enter onto someone else's property and do a job, then you should be able to expect that the property is safe and that you're not put at unreasonable risk of injury. If there is a hazard on the property, then the owner should make you aware of the hazard and properly mark it so you can avoid it.

2 workers suffer burn injuries in fire at Louisiana diesel production facility

Workers in the oil and gas industry may have seen news of the recent fire at a diesel production facility in Geismar, Louisiana. Two workers suffered burn injuries and were transported to a burn treatment center in Baton Rouge.

Worker sues Chevron after suffering burn injuries on oil platform

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act is a law that may come into play when a worker is injured on a fixed oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Under the law, a fixed oil platform can be considered an island of the nearest state, meaning the state's workers' compensation laws would apply in the event that a covered worker is injured.

Worker seeks compensation for trauma, disfigurement after ExxonMobile explosion

In terms of workplace safety, employers in the Texas oil and gas industry have an obligation to do certain things and not do others. Employers can't allow a known unsafe condition to persist in the workplace, and they can't misrepresent to workers, whether the workers are contractors or employees, that a workplace is safe when it isn't.

Accident causes second death in a week at Texas construction site

Poor training, poor equipment maintenance, poor vehicle maintenance, failure to implement appropriate safety policies -- these are all common causes of work-related accidents, especially in high-risk fields such as construction and oil and gas. Those industries are also some of the biggest in Texas.

DMV never issued a permit for oversized truck in I-35 collapse

The readers of our Houston personal injury law blog have probably heard about the Interstate 35 bridge collapse that occurred on Thursday, March 26. Construction crews were putting final touches on the bridge section just north of Salado when the accident happened.

1 dead, 3 injured after construction site collapse in North Texas

Structural collapse is an unfortunate but preventable kind of accident that happens too often on Texas construction sites. Determining exactly why all or part of an under-construction building falls to the ground typically requires careful investigation, the results of which could potentially be used in any injury or wrongful death claims linked to the accident.

TX worker whose leg was amputated after June 2014 crash still awaits lab results for driver

While many on-the-job accidents involve factors such as employer negligence or dangerous work conditions, relatively few work accidents turn into criminal matters. However, particularly egregious acts of workplace negligence or the injurious actions of a third party may result in criminal charges.

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