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Worker sues Chevron after suffering burn injuries on oil platform

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act is a law that may come into play when a worker is injured on a fixed oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Under the law, a fixed oil platform can be considered an island of the nearest state, meaning the state's workers' compensation laws would apply in the event that a covered worker is injured.

However, if a third-party -- for example, an equipment manufacturer or a contractor -- causes another worker's injury on a fixed platform, then the injured worker has the right to seek compensation from and sue the third party. In other cases, a contractor who suffers injuries on a fixed platform may sue the owner of the platform for negligence. 

This last situation is currently underway in a Galveston courtroom. An oil rig worker from Louisiana has sued Chevron after suffering burn injuries and back injuries on a fixed platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Chevron owns and maintains the platform.

According to the lawsuit, the man was working on the platform in March 2014 when he was told to cut a pipe. The pipe still had raw oil in it, though, and a spill erupted. The man says that he was coated in raw oil and suffered burns to his eyes and skin, and he was also knocked down and suffered back injuries when he was hit by heavy compressor clips.

Among other claims, the suit alleges that Chevron failed to maintain a safe work environment; failed to warn the worker of the danger; failed to provide workers with adequate safety equipment; and failed to provide adequate training and supervision.

Any oil rig worker who has suffered injuries under similar circumstances should speak with an injury attorney with experience in these kinds of claims.

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