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June 2015 Archives

Tech lags behind questions on driverless cars and trucks

Recent headlines have been filled with word about amazing advances in efforts to get self-driving vehicles on the road. Texas readers will surely have noticed, however, that among those headlines are some reporting that a few test vehicles have been involved in accidents.

Pedestrians hurt by construction debris have rights

Houston is not New York but that doesn't mean we don't have our skyscrapers. That kind of construction carries a lot of risks with it. Contractors on the job are expected to take particular care to ensure that workplace accidents are avoided, but they still occur.

Maritime injury compensation may rest on employer acknowledgment

There are some workplace injuries that are quite obvious. It's hard for an employer to deny workers' compensation claims when the employee is sporting a massive laceration or has lost a limb due to an accident on the job. But not all injuries are so apparent to the naked eye.

Bus-truck crash in Weimar kills 2, injures 10

Multi-vehicle collisions that result in injury or death require careful and prompt investigation to determine the exact cause of the wreck. When large commercial vehicles are involved, special attention must be paid to federal and state regulations of motor carriers.

BP cleanup workers may have been exposed to a dangerous chemical

When the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded in 2010, 11 people were immediately killed. Most people across the nation, especially those living in states along the Gulf of Mexico, remember this part of the disaster the most because it illustrated the true cost of ignoring safety requirements and providing a safe working environment.

Police: Bystanders safe, but 10 workers injured in Texas ammonia leak

Toxic exposure is unfortunately a common occurrence in a number of industries in Texas. Often chemical plants are to blame for putting workers in harm's way, and in some cases, the chemical leak goes beyond the facility's premises and causes injury to bystanders.

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