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4 recovering from burns after North Texas pipeline rupture

There are so many different things that can contribute to a fuel or chemical pipeline explosion. The danger to Texas industrial workers in the vicinity of those ruptures is something with which we are well acquainted.

Too often the burns and other injuries that result can be traced back to negligence on the part of employers. In some cases, bad policy might be a factor. In others, good policies might be in place, but ignored, leading to disaster.

The investigation into one of the most recent catastrophes is only just beginning and so it is too soon to nail down causes. What we do know is that an explosion near the town of White Deer in the panhandle left four workers injured. The blast occurred last Thursday night. As of this post, the four victims were recovering. Two are reported in critical condition. The other two are apparently in better shape.

Another thing that we know from the news reports is that the four men were in the process of repairing a ruptured natural gas line feeding White Deer when the explosion happened. Two of the men work for a welding company. Reporters indicate that efforts to contact the supply company have been unsuccessful.

The thing about this kind of trauma is that it has wide-ranging effects. Not only do the victims suffer what could be disfiguring injury, they also could face unknown health complications and suffer significantly emotionally, psychologically and financially. And that damage could be felt across whole families.

As part of the effort to alleviate the strains, contacting an attorney deserves to be considered.

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