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Pipeline accident: Know all your recovery options

A lot of effort is put into making sure that our surroundings remain one with nature. At least we try to make it look that way. If you live in Texas or Louisiana, you might not see much of the network of pipelines that channel oil, gas and liquid chemicals where they need to go. But they are there and at any point along any one of them the risk of deadly or injury-causing fires and explosions is present.

Workers who build and maintain those pipelines are in particular jeopardy of suffering the catastrophes that are possible. If disaster does strike, workers' compensation is likely the first route taken to make the injured worker or surviving loved ones whole.

But as anyone with experience in dealing with work personal injuries knows, just because benefits are promised doesn't mean they will start to flow with the submission of a claim or that they will flow smoothly. Sometimes it requires applying some pressure based on an exercise of your legal rights.

Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that workers' compensation may not be the only means of seeking the compensation and recovery that is available. Every case is different, and depending on the details of yours it may be possible to argue that the damage suffered was the result of negligence on the part of an employer or some third party. If the accident occurred because of a fault in a line, valve mechanism or some other line product, liability might be assigned to the manufacturer.

Getting the right care should always be the first step after such an accident. Getting up to speed about the possible options for obtaining the fullest measure of recovery should follow soon after. And that is something that is best done by contacting an attorney with a demonstrated record in resolving pipeline industry accident issues.

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