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August 2015 Archives

Are poorly mapped pipelines a threat in Texas?

Pipeline workers don't account for a large part of the work force in the United States. But there are plenty of them in Texas, thanks to the importance of petroleum product production and transmission in our region. As we have noted, though, workers in this industry face greater than average risk of suffering injury or death.

Payment urged to settle work injury at Dallas-owned dump

It's looking like a waste dump truck driver who got hurt on the job at a Dallas-area dump will be receiving the compensation he has been seeking. A recent item in The Dallas Morning News reports that the city's attorney has asked the City Council to approve a $215,000 payment to Manuel Enriquez.

Successful maritime injury claims depend on applying right law

The Houston area provides many different opportunities for work in the maritime industry. There is the usual commercial work involving the shipping of goods and transport of people around the region. Oil platform and oil rig work is another route many may take.

Texas construction suffers from lax safety culture, OSHA says

Back in February, we got something of a hint of a problem in Texas. That's when a Houston Fire Department district chief observed that construction accidents in the city are nearly a daily occurrence. And last week, we recorded here how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is seeking to fine a Katy company for denying a worker a safety harness he had asked for. He fell 12 feet through a building roof and suffered a broken limb and contusions.

Louisiana chemical hauler cited for worker safety, health hazards

Industrial chemicals are a part of life. They can be hazardous, indeed deadly. That's why there are federal and state laws in place to regulate how they're handled. Any worker who produces, transports, receives and works with these chemicals requires special training and special equipment to maintain the safety of themselves and the rest of the public.

Who can file a wrongful death claim under maritime law?

Labor may be labor in the view of most people, but when it comes to working on land and working on the water there are significant differences. It's one thing to do industrial work on the stable platform of a factory floor. Crewmembers on commercial vessels out of Texas or Louisiana know that they do the same kind of work and it becomes a lot more hazardous because they are doing it on the pitching deck of a boat.

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