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As workers, truckers have a right to safety, too

Trucks are tough pieces of equipment. They have to be. They see a great deal more of the road than most vehicles do. That means they suffer greater wear and tear.

Federal regulations make clear that all motor carriers have an obligation to "systematically inspect, repair and maintain" the vehicles under their control. What too often happens when trucking companies fail to take those responsibilities seriously is that accidents occur, usually with significant severe injury.

When such accidents occur, it's understandable to expect that the victims who suffer the most serious of injuries will be drivers and passengers in private non-commercial vehicles. But that overlooks the fact that quite often, truckers are victims of serious injuries in these accidents, too.

And it isn't always because of something the driver did or didn't do. It is just as likely that the crash occurred because the trucking company failed to meet its obligation to fix mechanical issues when a driver or inspector bring them to the fore.

Commercial drivers are just like any worker in any industry. They have as much right to a safe work environment as any other. And if they are involved in an industrial accident because the company failed to be sure that brakes, tires, fluids and engines were in top working order, they deserve the same strong representation in the protection of their worker rights.

Negligent bosses and their insurers deserve to be held accountable for the financial and physical damage suffered. This is something that The Shelton Law Firm believes in and strives for when it takes a case. Our goal is to fight for Texas worker justice.

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