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Rig type can influence compensation for offshore drilling injury

Man's ingenuity and technical ability make it possible to extract resources from the earth in places that might seem unreachable. Hydraulic fracturing has expanded the supplies of various petroleum products on land. Offshore, a variety of rigs are employed to pull oil from the depths.

A great deal of expertise and training is required to function in the offshore environment. At any moment, it is possible for something to go wrong. The hazards are many and if employers fail to provide properly for the safety of their workers, people get injured -- sometimes seriously; sometimes fatally.

The laws that cover the compensation that meant to help Texas or Louisiana workers recover and their families survive disaster vary depending on the nature of the unit involved. That's yet one more reason why those who work on oil drilling platforms who are injured owe it to themselves to get a full understanding of their options and the obligations their employers face.

If you are hurt because of unsafe conditions on a fixed oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, workers' compensation laws of the nearest state may apply. Those laws can vary, resulting in differences in coverage that make recovery inconsistent and possibly troublesome. If a third-party contractor's failure in some way contributed to the accident, a personal injury suit might be called for.

If the rig is of the jack-up type or is floating, provisions of maritime law such as are found in the Jones Act may apply.

Another thing to consider with these kinds of accidents is that sometimes the nature of the injuries suffered are such that they make it impossible for the victim to reach an attorney for a consultation. In such situations, you might need the attorney to come to you. Not all lawyers are prepared to go to such lengths. That is not the case with our firm as you will learn if you check out the pages of our site dedicated to this area of law.

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