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Accident shows that truck professionals sometimes slip up

A lot of factors can contribute to causing a motor vehicle accident. When large semitrailer trucks are involved, the resulting devastation can be difficult to predict. What is predictable is that if injuries are suffered, they are nearly always serious, if not fatal.

Texas truck accidents can present a lot of unique legal challenges for victims seeking compensation. That's because there are often a lot of layers of potential liability that need to be assessed to determine final assignment of blame.

If truck driver negligence, inattention or distraction can be shown to have been a factor, the significant burden of blame might rest on the individual. But if the driver works for a company that hasn't properly maintained the vehicle and that contributed to the crash, then liability might extend to the firm.

There is one particular aspect of trucking accidents that always deserves a close examination and that is the fact that truck drivers are professionals. They are not simply average drivers who have decided to climb into the cab of a big rig. They are specially licensed and are obliged to follow stricter rules and regulations.

That would seem to suggest that those drivers would be more adept at strategies to avoid distraction or inattention while on the road. But as one recent accident in Potter County reflects, that doesn't always happen. And the result can be serious injury to one of the trucking industry's own.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety officials, a tractor-trailer carrying a massive load was working its way slowly up a hill in the right lane of a two-lane highway. Trailing behind was a warning pilot pickup truck. Such a convoy is intended to prevent crashes. But officials say a second semi came up from behind and rear-ended the pilot vehicle, seriously injuring its driver.

The newspaper report quotes the second semi driver as saying that he looked up and couldn't slow down in time to avoid a collision. What had he been looking at?

As this is written, there's no word that any citations have been issued. Nor is there word on the condition of the injured pilot truck driver. But there are certainly many questions that need to be answered. And that's where an attorney's experience may be helpful.

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