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Young workers have safety rights, too

When discussing worker safety, it is easiest to envision that the workers we are talking about are seasoned employees, working to support their families. But workers come from all backgrounds -- and in different ages.

It isn't just middle-aged men of the construction industry who work and experience workplace accidents. Young workers are also given the opportunity to earn some income in Texas, and that opportunity comes with risks regarding that overlooked demographic's safety.

Just like their older colleagues, younger workers suffer from work injuries and work-related illness for various reasons. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the following are common causes of such health matters: inadequate training, lack of supervision, unsafe work equipment, etc. For workers under the age of 18, there are stricter employment and safety standards that employers must follow.

It is important to bring up the safety of young workers at this time because the holiday season is upon us. Many teens will look for work this time of year because it is available within the retail and shipping fields, and to cover holiday expenses.

The classification as seasonal worker does not necessarily rid an employer of all legal responsibility to such workers. Laws will vary from state to state, but generally rules of workers' compensation still apply to seasonal workers, young and old, who work in all kinds of jobs. 

Whether it is retail, industrial, construction, outdoor, or other work, all men and women have rights to a reasonably safe working environment. Anyone, even a teenager, who believes that they are sick or injured because of employer negligence, can speak with a workers' compensation lawyer in Texas to learn about the rights granted to them by their country and state.

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