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When welding jobs lead to serious injuries or death

Welding, cutting, and brazing can be very dangerous jobs and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration reports that over a working lifetime, the occupations carry a risk of fatal injuries that is more than four deaths per thousand workers. While there are safety regulations in place that should keep these workers out of harm’s way, accidents are far too common.

One of the main hazards of welding, cutting and brazing involves the ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the welding process. These dangerous rays can cause serious burns to exposed skin and damage to the lenses of unprotected eyes. In fact, many long-term welders end up with permanent eye damage due to their work.

Electric shock is also a hazard of welding professions, and it can lead to serious injuries or death, either from the shock itself or as a result of a fall caused by the shock. Electric shock can occur when a welder touches two pieces of metal together that have an electric voltage.

Welding fumes and gases can also be extremely dangerous to workers when overexposure takes place. Since the fumes and gases are inherent to the work, welding areas must be properly ventilated to keep workers safe.

It is up to employers, contractors and subcontractors to determine if welding jobs are dangerous enough to require protective equipment or added safety measures. Employers are expected to investigate all aspects of a welding job before making a decision. All too often, the wrong decision is made and workers do not have the necessary protection.

More information about workers’ rights and safety requirements for welding jobs can be found here on OSHA’s website.

When a worker is injured while welding, cutting or brazing, he or she may have a claim against the general contractor or property owner. Personal injury claims can compensate accident victims for past and future medical bills, lost wages and more. 

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