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Why should I hire an attorney after a truck accident?

A crash with a semi-trailer truck is not the same as an average motor vehicle accident. If nothing else, the sheer size and weight of an 18-wheeler means that there's a much greater chance that anyone in the other vehicle or vehicles will wind up suffering serious or catastrophic injuries.

Regardless of what part you may have played in such an accident, it may be possible for you to pursue and recover compensation for the damage or injuries you suffer. That would certainly be true if you were not at fault for the accident. But it might even be possible if there is some level of liability that you share. The only way to be sure is to consult with an attorney and in most instances that can be done without having to worry about incurring legal fees.

But there are many good reasons why a Texas truck accident should prompt getting in touch with an attorney. The legal nuances and implications can be influenced by so many factors. For example, while a crash might only involve two drivers and two vehicles, there are potentially a lot more players on the field when a big rig is one of them.

There is the truck driver, of course. Was he or she negligent at the time? Was there some violation of even one of the many regulations with which commercial drivers are obliged to comply? If there was, was it merely an infraction by the driver, or did condition set by the trucking company contribute to the situation?

Other parties that might be held accountable could include the manufacturer of the truck if there was a defect. If a third-party maintenance vendor failed to ensure that the truck was in peak operating condition, that firm might bear liability.

And if you think that insurance companies can be hard to deal with in minor collisions, you can be sure that they will be harder to deal with where more significant money is at stake.

The advantage of having an experienced attorney at your side is that he is best suited to assess the facts of a case, determine possible recovery and explain what your rights and options may be. And if legal action is required, action can be taken.

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