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When a brain injury makes returning to work impossible

Brain injuries are common among industrial workers, construction workers and other workers who handle heavy equipment or work many feet off of the ground. Sadly, these injuries can have lasting effects on a worker’s life.

Brain injuries can change a person’s demeanor, cause chronic pain or result in sensory loss, among other serious ailments. As a result, many people who have suffered from brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or head injuries on the job are unable to return to work.

As we discussed in an article on our website, the National Institutes of Health conducted a study looking at how many brain injury victims were able to return to their former jobs. The study found that only 40 percent of brain injury victims were able to return to work within a year or two of the accident.

The study also found that there are certain steps employers can take to make it easier for brain injury victims to return to work such as offering counseling, guidance and retraining services, but few employers actually take these measures. Instead, workers are often left on their own without a way of earning a living.

Because so many workers with brain injuries are unable to return to the workplace, it’s essential that they get the medical and financial support they need, now and in the future. An experienced personal injury lawyer can sit down with a brain injury victim and go over all possible methods of seeking compensation to make sure that this happens.

For example, workers’ compensation and civil lawsuits against employers or negligent third parties may be options to consider.

However, there is only a limited window of time in which it is possible for workers who suffered brain injuries on the job to seek compensation for expenses connected to the injury, including lost wages and loss of future earning abilities.

Therefore, injured workers should seek legal advice as soon after the accident as possible.

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