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April 2016 Archives

Child suffers catastrophic injuries in wreck that kills mom

A small boy in Texas is without his mother following a devastating accident involving an 18-wheeler. Suffering from catastrophic injuries, the minor child was the only surviving victim of the accident in which three others were killed. The truck driver believed to have caused the wreck survived with apparent minimal injuries, he is currently facing criminal charges for his role in the accident.

OSHA says poor precautions contributed to scaffold collapse

Last October, there was a massive collapse of scaffolding in Houston. As a result, six construction workers on the job suffered injuries. According to a news report on KPRC at the time, none of those injuries were life threatening. We don't know whether any of those injuries might have been life altering.

Can an injured barge worker get vocational rehab services?

Barge work can be hazardous. The threats can come from any number of sources. Loads are heavy, machinery is heavy. If proper safety gear isn't provided to crew, the slightest misstep could end up causing a serious injury to Houston-area workers.

What kinds of problems can spark a motor vehicle defect claim?

In our last post of March, we marked the fact of a recall of thousands of Volvo semi tractors. Not only have those recently made units been recalled for the repair of a piece of their steering mechanisms, but the federal government has also ordered any unrepaired tractors off the road until they do get fixed.

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