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Pipeline accident kills 2 workers and injures 1 other

Pipeline work is notoriously dangerous. Employers must be vigilant in ensuring that all proper safety protocols are in place at all times in order to protect Texas workers from devastating injuries that can cause lingering pain and suffering, in addition to lost wages. A recent pipeline accident had an even more tragic outcome with one worker injured and another two killed.

A pipeline in need of repair brought the three workers to the site of what would be the deadly accident. Two men entered a hole through which the faulty gas pipeline ran, but one of the pieces of equipment used by the men failed. Although the company did not state exactly how the equipment failed, the result was approximately 800 pounds of pressure being released from the pipe.

Both men were blasted out of the hole, while a third nearby worker was also injured. One of the men was pronounced dead at the site, while the other two were transported to the hospital where, despite what were likely life-saving medical attempts, another man died. The third was admitted for treatment, although the nature of his injuries and his current status were not made clear.

Texas families who lose their primary breadwinners in workplace accidents must typically contend with mourning their lost loved ones while simultaneously facing the possibility of financial disaster. Unexpected funeral costs or medical care for surviving victims can be significant drains on cash that is needed for daily expenses. Like workers who have been injured in a pipeline accident, families who have lost loved ones are also eligible for workers' compensation benefits. For families of deceased workers, compensation is available in the form of temporary death package benefits, which can help with the financial transition.

Source:, "2 Workers Killed, 1 Hurt In South Texas Pipeline Accident", April 13, 2016

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