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5 things to know about spinal cord injuries

A wide variety of accidents can cause spinal cord injuries, and victims and their family members will undoubtedly find the days, weeks and months after the accident extremely difficult. Here are some things to understand about spinal cord injuries.

#1: Spinal shock is not uncommon.

Spinal shock is partially the result of inflammation that occurs after the spinal cord injury. This inflammation can cause extreme discomfort and pain, but spinal shock usually abates within days to weeks, although other symptoms of the injury may persist for much longer.

#2: There are varying degrees of spinal cord injury.

The severity of the injury will determine the kind and duration of medical treatment and rehabilitation. For example, a complete spinal cord injury means that there isn't any feeling or movement below the injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury means there is some feeling or movement below the level of the injury.

#3: Treatment is often intensive.

Treatment of a spinal cord injury often invasive and extensive, frequently requiring lengthy hospital stays. In some cases, long courses of physical therapy, occupational therapy and similar rehabilitation might be required. Medications, surgeries and life-care options may also be necessary.

#4: Financial damages are considerable.

The financial damages that occur because of a spinal cord injury are considerable. The medical care is only one cost. You may also have to think about the money that you didn't get to earn because of the injury; the cost of modifying your home; the cost of buying a vehicle that you can use to get around; and other similar expenses.

#5: Explore your options for compensation.

You may be able to seek compensation for a spinal cord injury and the resulting costs. To understand your full range of options, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney with experience in helping injury victims obtain the full and fair compensation they need and deserve.

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