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Traumatic brain injuries suffered at work can end your career

Thousands of people are injured at work every year in Texas. Many times, the injuries are obvious: a broken arm, a sprained ankle, or a serious facial contusion. In cases where a worker suffers a traumatic brain injury, however, the damage isn't always as obvious.

What to do if you're injured on the job in Texas

There are some well-established industries in the state of Texas that pose substantial risk to their employees, including the energy industry and commercial trucking transport, among others. Because the state of Texas is the only state that doesn't require private employers to carry and contribute to workers' compensation insurance plans, there is the possibility that an injured worker could face steep medical bills while having little or no insurance coverage to offset the expense.

Industrial accident leads to 3rd recent death at Texas refinery

The safety of a Texas area ExxonMobil refinery has been called into question following the death of an industrial engineer. The fatal industrial accident is the third of its kind in as many years. Although a spokesman issued an apology and regrets from the company, the refinery has still drawn sharp criticism in regard to the safety of its workers.

Injured in an industrial accident? Get the benefits you deserve

As an industrious state full of hardworking men and women, Texas is home to a wide number of industrial trades. While offshore drilling and chemical plants all play a key role in America's economy, these types of workplaces put workers at a significant risk for serious harm. A focus on employee safety is an absolute must for these job sites. Sadly, not all employers have the necessary safety mindset, and even a single industrial accident can cause devastating and permanent damage.

Seeking legal support following workplace accident in Texas

As the second largest state by area in the nation, Texas is filled with hundreds of thousands of workers in all scopes of employment. Many jobs include certain amounts of personal risk, especially when heavy machinery is used or duties are carried out in heavy traffic areas. When a workplace accident occurs, employers, insurance agents and/or government entities typically launch investigations to determine the exact cause of the incident.

Sometimes injury to workers isn't physical, but financial

Readers of this blog appreciate that the focus of our attention is on addressing the issues workers across many industries face after they've been injured on the job. That goes for workers in Texas, Louisiana and anywhere else they may be.

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