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Can an injured barge worker get vocational rehab services?

Barge work can be hazardous. The threats can come from any number of sources. Loads are heavy, machinery is heavy. If proper safety gear isn't provided to crew, the slightest misstep could end up causing a serious injury to Houston-area workers.

Extension request in El Faro sinking suit prompts questions

Earlier this month we raised the question about whether employers ever try to use the laws intended to protect workers to delay or avoid paying workers' compensation benefits. As that post noted, it has been known to happen. But as that item also observed, employers don't always get away with it.

Safe commercial diving takes a massive team effort

The world under the sea is a world apart. Few people have experienced it. Fewer still make it their life's work. Those in Texas and Louisiana who do are often considered a breed apart from the rest of us but the fact is that they are only flesh, bone and blood.

What are the most common causes of fatalities in the Gulf?

Not everyone is cut out for working on the water. All you have to do is peruse the cable channels to find this out. Shows such as "Deadliest Catch" make it clear that there's a big difference between making a living by working in the Gulf of Mexico and going out for a little weekend recreational fishing.

2nd appeal goes against company in asbestosis claim case

There are times when the legal processes may seem like a war of attrition. One party in the dispute takes advantage of all the possible legal appeals that may be available, as is their right. As a consequence of the strategy, though, litigation can go on for such a long time that the other party, typically the plaintiff, gives up the fight.

Silence on Gulf rig worker's death seems deafening

Those who have ever worked on an offshore oil platform know risk to life and limb is widespread. These operations amount to small communities at sea. But they are also essentially floating factories. If something goes wrong, as it too often does, serious injury tends to follow.

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