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Personal Injury Attorney Michael E. Shelton

Attorney Michael E. Shelton
Michael E. Shelton

With personal experience and knowledge of the workings of the offshore, pipeline, and construction industries, Houston personal injury lawyer Michael E. Shelton has been fighting for justice on behalf of victims of catastrophic injuries for more than 40 years. With his personable approach and union contacts all over the country, Mr. Shelton is always ready to pursue the compensation you deserve.

Serving as a personal injury attorney for clients from around the nation, Mr. Shelton in Houston, Texas, can help working individuals like you collect the restitution you need to face the future. Throughout his career, Mr. Shelton has worked diligently to help clients achieve settlements or jury awards to cover lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. If you have suffered a maritime accident, a work-related car accident, a truck accident, an industrial accident, or a catastrophic injury under any circumstances, he can help. He offers free consultations and works on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing unless and until Mr. Shelton collects compensation on your behalf.

Meet Mr. Shelton
"Mr. Shelton is a superb lawyer with great experience in personal injury cases, such as mine. He has not once let me down and is very supportive in every way. Because of my injury, I have not been able to work, but Mr. Shelton has made sure to help my family financially until my case is over.... I highly recommend Mr. Shelton for anyone who has had an accident at work." -Jaime (Former Client)

First-Hand Experience and Effective Representation

Mr. Shelton holds a union card as a journeyman pipefitter and serves as General Counsel for the Texas Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO. His first-hand experience and wealth of contacts in business and workers' unions help him to effectively advocate for those injured in serious work accidents. After working on an oil rig, he understands many of the issues at play in cases involving maritime, pipeline, and construction accidents. Mr. Shelton also uses his decades of legal experience to help innocent victims injured by defective medical products and other forms of negligence. He also advocates for injured bystanders.

Many of our clients have suffered from catastrophic injuries such as burns or brain and spinal cord damage. Victims and their families may face many difficulties including lost wages, an uncertain employment future, failing health, mounting medical bills, battles with insurance companies, emotional trauma, and physical pain and suffering. At the Shelton Law Firm, we provide the compassionate guidance you need through every phase of the legal process while aggressively pursuing compensation. For your convenience, we maintain flexible office hours and offer contingency fee arrangements. 

We Are Here to Help the Injured

Mr. shelton and client

Houston personal injury lawyer Michael E. Shelton has dedicated his career to helping personal injury victims achieve fair and just settlements. With a focus on injuries suffered by workers in the maritime, oil, and construction industries, Mr. Shelton is proud to represent regular people as they engage in legal battles with giant corporations and insurance companies. 

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, a work-related car accident, or a truck accident, Mr. Shelton in Houston, TX, can help. He also assists those injured by faulty medical devices and dangerous prescription drugs (due to a manufacturer or medical malpractice).

If a loved one is the victim of wrongful death, or if you or a loved one have suffered a debilitating injury because of another party's negligence, Mr. Shelton can provide the legal advocacy needed to achieve justice. If your personal injury occurred at sea and is covered by the Jones Act, he can help. To begin the journey towards receiving the compensation you are owed, schedule a free consultation with our law firm today. Fill out our online form or call

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Who Do We Represent?


If you suffered a personal injury in a work accident or because of another party's negligence, our personal injury lawyer and his team can help you collect a jury award or settlement. You have rights, and Mr. Shelton is here to make certain that they are upheld.


If a member of your family was seriously injured or killed because of an accident or negligence, our compassionate personal injury attorney can fight for you. Injuries have far-reaching consequences that extend well beyond the injured party, and Mr. Shelton can help protect the livelihood of your loved ones.

Union Workers

Personal injury lawyer Michael E. Shelton advocates for unions and their members, helping them achieve fair compensation for on-the-job injuries. These cases require an in-depth knowledge of union rights, and Mr. Shelton has successfully represented clients in many instances of on-the-job injuries.

Mr. Shelton is proud to represent regular people as they engage in legal battles with giant corporations and insurance companies.

Our Featured Practice Areas

Union Representation

Personal injury lawyer Michael E. Shelton is not just a supporter of unions; he's a union card-carrying journeyman pipefitter. A former oil rig worker himself, Mr. Shelton knows the dangers of industrial work and the value of union membership. He is available to represent unions and individual members in collecting the restitution they need and deserve.

Refinery Explosions

If you were injured in a refinery explosion, or if your loved one suffered a wrongful death in an explosion, our personal injury attorney knows how to represent you. Mr. Shelton can conduct an investigation to determine what caused the explosion and present the facts to employers and insurance companies. If necessary, he is always prepared to go to court.

Construction Accidents

Construction is a dangerous profession, and personal injuries are all too common. Personal injury lawyer Michael E. Shelton is prepared to protect the interests of construction workers injured in all kinds of accidents, including crane accidents, scaffolding accidents, falls from elevated heights, trench collapses, electrocutions, gas exposure, and more.

Offshore Drilling Rig Accidents

Houston attorney Michael E. Shelton represents oil rig workers from Texas and Louisiana who suffer personal injuries on offshore drilling rigs. Whether your injury was the result of malfunctioning equipment, falling objects, or unsafe working conditions, Mr. Shelton will use the Jones Act to argue for maximum compensation for you and your family following a devastating accident.

Work Equipment Injuries

Many different kinds of work equipment can cause personal injuries, or even wrongful deaths. During his 40 years as a personal injury lawyer in Houston, Mr. Shelton has helped clients recover just compensation after injuries caused by scaffolding, faulty safety harnesses, cranes, bulldozers, saws, and more. If your work equipment causes you injury, our law firm may be able to help.

Maritime Accidents

If you suffered an injury at sea, either as a working seaman or while on a cruise for pleasure, a personal injury lawyer with advanced knowledge of maritime law is necessary. Michael E. Shelton has dedicated a significant amount of his legal attention over the last four decades to maritime accidents, including accidents on oil rigs, barges, and cruise ships.

A Client-Centric Law Firm

Flexible Hours

When you enlist the legal aid of the Shelton Law Firm in Houston, Texas, our personal injury attorney works for you. That means we make every effort to provide service based on your schedule. We are able to meet after business hours, on weekends, or outside of our office when necessary.

Contingency Fees

After an injury, you already have enough on your mind besides worrying about how you are going to pay for a legal advocate. That is why we offer contingency fee arrangements, meaning you don't have to pay us until we secure a settlement or jury award for your claim.

Free Consultations

Personal injury lawyer Michael E. Shelton is happy to provide initial case reviews free of charge. During your free consultation, Mr. Shelton can put more than 40 years of experience to use in your personal injury claim, and he can determine if a viable legal strategy exists.


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Michael E. Shelton is prepared to provide aggressive representation so you can secure the compensation you legally deserve.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Understands

oil rig workers

Other lawyers might not understand what it's like to work with your hands for a living, but Michael E. Shelton does. Before he was a lawyer, he worked on an oil rig, and he still holds a union card as a journeyman pipefitter. Mr. Shelton knows that an injury that prevents you from working threatens every aspect of your livelihood, and he's prepared to provide aggressive representation so you can secure the compensation you legally deserve.

In addition to helping those who suffer injuries while working, our Houston, Texas, law firm also handles personal injury cases for bystanders injured by negligent construction workers, and victims injured by faulty medical equipment. Mr. Shelton also helps clients who have been injured by dangerous prescription drugs, due either to a manufacturer's actions or medical malpractice. If you have a personal injury case, put your trust in the Houston law firm that has been representing personal injury victims for nearly 50 years. Schedule a free consultation with The Shelton Law Firm today by filling out an online form or by calling

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Attorney Michael E. Shelton

Personal injury attorney Michael E. Shelton has been representing victims of catastrophic injuries in Houston, Texas, for nearly 50 years. He is proud to be a union card holder as a journeyman pipefitter and General Counsel for the Texas Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO. He is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:

  • The Texas Bar Association
  • The Houston Bar Association
  • The Louisiana State Bar
  • The Louisiana Association for Justice

If you are the victim of a personal injury, schedule a free consultation with The Shelton Law Firm today by contacting us online or calling (713) 807-0700.

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