The Shelton Law Firm

The Shelton Law Firm

Maritime Work Accidents and Falling Overboard

Work accidents are a leading cause of personal injury in the United States. During a consultation, personal injury attorney Michael E. Shelton can explain how…

Michael Shelton Jul 19, 2020

Construction Accidents and Tractors

Construction accidents caused by tractors can lead to serious lifelong injuries. Attorney Michael E. Shelton helps victims get the compensation they deserve.

Michael Shelton Jun 18, 2020

Scaffolding and Construction Accidents

Construction accident lawyer Michael E. Shelton can provide legal representation to victims of construction accidents involving scaffolding.

Michael Shelton May 24, 2020

Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Car accidents can be life-altering, especially when they result in catastrophic injuries. The American Medical Association (AMA) defines a catastrophic injury as severe injury to…

Michael Shelton Apr 30, 2020

Maritime Injuries Related to Defective Boat Design

Whether a person works on a boat or uses one for recreational activities, they have the right to expect that the vessel will be safe.…

Michael Shelton Mar 26, 2020

Caught in Between Construction Accidents

Attorney Michael E. Shelton can assist injury victims in seeking compensation for damages related to caught in between construction accidents.

Michael Shelton Mar 03, 2020

Damages in Brain Injury Cases

Personal injury attorney Michael Shelton works to get brain injury victims just compensation for their full range of damages.

Michael Shelton Feb 03, 2020

Construction Accidents and Knee Injuries

Work accident attorney Michael E. Shelton discusses knee injuries suffered by construction workers and potential legal options.

Michael Shelton Dec 29, 2019

How to Prevent Accidents at Construction Sites

Personal injury attorney Michael E. Shelton discusses the steps that construction sites can take to prevent injury-causing accidents.

Michael Shelton Nov 26, 2019

Maritime Accidents Involving Inadequate or Missing Safety Equipment

Attorney Michael E. Shelton discusses compensation rights for victims of maritime accidents involving inadequate or missing safety equipment.

Michael Shelton Oct 25, 2019

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