Legal Help for Construction Accidents Involving Bulldozers By Michael Shelton on April 30, 2018

Bulldozer along roadwayConstruction sites can be dangerous and hazardous. Work equipment injuries are common, leading to catastrophic consequences.Construction accidents involving bulldozers occur frequently because bulldozers are in use on nearly every construction site across the state. 

Bulldozers are heavy pieces of machinery that must be properly operated and maintained. When these machines malfunction or workers lack the proper training to operate bulldozers, the likelihood of an accident increases. 

At The Shelton Law Firm in Houston, TX, we aggressively pursue the maximum amount of compensation by seeking full recovery for all medical costs and other components of the damage suffered.

How Construction Accidents Involving Bulldozers Happen

Bulldozers are designed to move large masses of earth so a clear path or surface can be created for construction needs. Operators are specially trained to operate these large pieces of machinery, but even when all safe operating procedures are followed, an accident can happen. For example:

  • Bulldozers are equipped with a switch that is designed to prevent the machine from moving when the driver exits the cabin. When the design of this feature is faulty, the bulldozer will continue movement even when the cabin is empty. This can result in rapid forward or backward movement, destroying anything in the path. Workers can be run over or pushed out of the way by the bulldozer. 
  • Often, the need to break and move ground takes place on a steep hill or slope; in this case the danger of bulldozer rollover is high. A rollover can cause injury to the driver and to other workers in the area. The size and weight of the machine will cause severe crush injuries or even death.
  • Distracted or inexperienced drivers may be the cause of an accident involving a bulldozer. A distracted driver might cause an accident by failing to notice a hazardous condition too late to take corrective action. Inexperienced drivers can also cause accidents by failing to use the equipment properly.

Many bulldozer accidents are fatal; they can also cause severe injuries. It is typical for victims to suffer significant organ damage, loss of limbs, traumatic head or brain injury, severed spines that lead to paralysis, and other lifelong injuries. In order to fully recover, it is essential to partner with a qualified attorney with experience in heavy machinery accidents. 

Damages for Construction Accidents Involving Bulldozers

The injuries caused by these accidents are tragic and can alter the course of the victim’s life. Due to the severity of the injuries, it is necessary to seek maximum compensation, because most workers injured on a construction site involving a bulldozer are unable to return to work. 

The types of damages generally awarded are:

  • Lost wages and loss of future earning capacity
  • Medical expenses associated with the accident, such as emergency surgery
  • Expenses for any ongoing or future medical needs or rehabilitative therapy
  • Pain and suffering, including emotional distress 

Damages are calculated by presenting evidence of what has been lost by providing medical records, physician notes, and long-term diagnosis data. If the accident was the result of a malfunctioning piece of equipment, it may also be necessary to call in an industry expert who can explain how and why the machine malfunctioned. 

Help With Construction Accidents Involving Bulldozers

At The Shelton Law Firm, we help people hurt on the job. We know how to seek full and fair compensation for your injuries. For answers to questions about your case, contact us online or call our office today at (713) 807-0700.

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