Construction Accidents Eye Injuries: Hazards at Work Sites By Michael Shelton on August 23, 2018

Doctor examining a person's eyesAttorney Michael E. Shelton is dedicated to each of his clients. He has helped numerous individuals and families in the greater Houston, TX area who have been affected by accidents in all sorts of fields related to construction and industrial labor. The injuries sustained in these kinds of professions can be debilitating if not fatal.

Eye injuries can be some of the most serious types of construction accidents, resulting in vision impairment if not outright vision loss. The legal team at The Shelton Law Firm would like to consider these kinds of incidents in greater detail below.

Statistics on Construction Accidents and Eye Injuries

According to some older numbers from The Center to Protect Workers’ Rights (CPWR), an estimated 10,600 eye injuries occur in the entire construction field each year. These reported accidents result in construction workers taking time off to recover. The CPWR found that construction had a much higher rate of eye injury than any other field.

These facts should come as no surprise given the realities of construction and the many potential causes of injury at a normal work site.

Piercing Eye Injuries

Piercing eye injuries occur when any objects puncture the eye. Even abrasions to the cornea can be quite serious. These kinds of injuries can occur when foreign particles or molten metal touch the eye with sufficient force. Any kind of physical contact the material makes with the eye can potentially result in these sorts of injuries.

Welder Flash Burns

Welders and people working around welders must be cautious of suffering flash burns to the eyes. This refers to the damage done by the UV rays generated by the welding torch, which can have a serious impact on the condition of your corneas. Even a brief direct exposure to a welder’s arc can cause vision loss.

Chemical Exposure Eye Injuries

Numerous caustic chemicals and other substances are used at construction sites every day. When these liquids or gases come into contact with the eyes, they can cause severe irritation and lasting damage if they are not flushed out properly. Eye drops and water are not enough alone to address these kinds of eye injuries.

The Importance of Eye Protection in Construction

When it comes to eye protection at construction sites, the following should be present:

  • Protective Goggles and Face Masks - For anyone working at a construction site, wearing protective goggles, eyewear, or face masks is ideal, especially when working with tools or in areas where eye injuries are likely.
  • Welder’s Hoods and Welding Goggles - For welders, protective hoods are a must. Anyone working around the welder should also be wearing a welder’s hood or welding goggles to avoid eye damage from the arc.
  • Eye Wash Stations - To flush out eyes after chemical exposure, eye wash stations should be present. These will help flush away contaminants around the eye and help prevent further damage to the structure of the eye in the process.

Were My Employer’s Safety Measures Negligent?

If you suspect that your employer was negligent in its safety measures, consulting with attorneys is a good idea. Rather than just accepting worker’s compensation benefits, it may be more worthwhile to hold the negligent party accountable for the harm you experienced. A lawyer can let you know what your most ideal option is during a legal consultation.

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