How to Prevent Accidents at Construction Sites By Michael Shelton on November 26, 2019

Construction gearWork accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. But few fields of work have as many accidents as construction. Construction accidents injure thousands of workers each year, and leave many dealing with lifelong consequences.

Construction sites are inherently risky because of the type of work that is performed, and the heavy equipment and machinery that is often used. However, that doesn’t mean that construction site accidents aren’t preventable. Here, Houston, TX, attorney Michael E. Shelton discusses some of the ways that construction site accidents can be prevented.

Provide Adequate Safety Training

Safety training is one of the most important things construction companies can do to prevent accidents. Employees should have proper education on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and the potential hazards that they face on the job.

Since construction sites have many types of equipment, including vehicles, it is important that employees receive additional training that is specific to their job duties. Construction workers should never operate equipment or machinery that they have not been trained and certified to use. Aside from training, each construction site should also have written safety policies that are easily accessible to all workers.

Provide and Utilize Protective Gear

Even when proper precautions are taken, construction site accidents may occur. Protective gear not only cuts back the risk of certain accidents, but it can also minimize injuries in the event that an accident happens. It is important that construction sites provide necessary protective gear, and also enforce its use. Basic protective gear that should be used on all construction sites include:

  • Hard hats
  • Bright, reflective clothing
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Steel-toed boots

Maintain Equipment and Machinery

Faulty equipment is one of the leading causes of construction site accidents and injuries for our Houston clients. These types of accidents can easily be prevented with routine maintenance checks. Every construction site vehicle, and each piece of equipment or machinery, should be inspected regularly. Construction sites should keep documentation of each inspection, as well as any maintenance work that is performed to keep equipment in working order.

Keep Workspaces Clean

Construction sites are full of equipment, tools, and other hazards, which makes it especially important that employees keep the workspace clean. All tools and equipment should be stored properly when not in use. Any other debris should be picked up and discarded regularly. By maintaining a clean workspace, construction workers can minimize the risk of accidents related to slips, falls, and falling equipment.

Take Precautions to Prevent Falls

Falls are one the most frequent types of accidents to injure our Houston clients, and also one of the deadliest types of construction accidents. It is important that construction sites take precautions to prevent falls. Some of the protective measures that can be taken to prevent falls include properly installed scaffolding, guardrails, toe boards, screens, and safety netting.

Follow OSHA Guidelines

OSHA outlines standards and guidelines that are meant to keep construction sites safe. If construction sites adhere to guidelines regarding training, safety equipment, protective gear, and equipment maintenance, they can drastically reduce the risk of an accident. Any worker who sees that OSHA guidelines are being neglected should report the violation immediately.

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