Personal Injuries Caused by Faulty Safety Harnesses By Michael Shelton on May 26, 2021

construction workers in safety harnessesConstruction workers face a number of work hazards. Because this line of work is so dangerous, employers must take actions to minimize the chance of an accident. This includes providing proper safety equipment. One piece of equipment commonly relied on by construction workers is a safety harness.

Safety harnesses are meant to prevent workers from falling when they are working at substantial heights. Unfortunately, human error and equipment defects can lead to harness failure. Faulty safety harnesses can cause catastrophic personal injuries or death. Injury victims in the Houston, TX, area can work with construction accident attorney Michael E. Shelton to explore their right to financial compensation following an accident involving a faulty safety harness.

Causes of Safety Harness Failures

Safety harnesses are a valuable piece of equipment for construction workers. In the line of construction, workers are often required to work on scaffolding or along the side of tall buildings. When working at such extreme heights, even a simple slip can lead to a deadly or catastrophic fall. In situations like these, a safety harness offers the only source of protection. 

Sadly, safety harnesses are not fool-proof. There are many factors that can lead to safety harness failures and accidents, including:

  • Human error, often the result of insufficient training on the use of the harness
  • Harness malfunction, often due to a manufacturing error
  • Failure to regularly inspect and test safety equipment

Faulty Safety Harness Injuries

If a safety harness is being worn, it is because the risk of a fall and/or injuries is severe. When a harness failure occurs, resulting injuries tend to be catastrophic, or even fatal. Possible injuries caused by a faulty safety harness include:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Internal organ damage
  • Head injury
  • Traumatic brain injury

Liability for Safety Harness Accidents

When an accident occurs, it is important to consider who is liable, as they should be held responsible for resulting damages, including medical expenses and lost wages. To determine liability for a faulty safety harness, we encourage accident victims to work with our Houston legal team. Our investigators can recreate the details of the accident and pinpoint the most likely cause.

Often, when a harness failure occurs on a construction site, it is the worker’s employer who is liable for the accident. A construction company can be liable if they failed to provide adequate training to the employee, if they neglected to regularly inspect safety equipment, or if they provided old and worn out safety harnesses.

Another party who may be liable for safety harness accidents is the product manufacturer. Products are intended to work as promised. If a product is defective, or if the product was not properly labeled in regards to instructions and/or safety warnings, the manufacturer may be liable for resulting accidents.

Can I Sue if I Receive Workers’ Compensation?

Individuals who suffer a personal injury on a job site are likely to be compensated by workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation should cover financial losses, such as the cost of medical treatment and lost wages. However, injury victims may be due additional compensation for damages such as pain and suffering.

Workers who receive workers’ compensation may still be eligible to file a lawsuit. A lawsuit can typically be filed against an employer if we can show that gross negligence was involved. A manufacturer can also be sued if a product defect was to blame for the accident. Attorney Michael E. Shelton helps his Houston clients consider all possible areas of liability so that they can pursue maximum compensation for their losses.

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