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Vision Loss and Construction Accidents

Injury attorney Michael E. Shelton helps clients understand their legal options after suffering vision loss from a construction accident.

Michael Shelton May 23, 2019

Hearing Loss and the Field of Construction

Injury lawyer Michael E. Shelton can provide legal services to those who have suffered hearing loss working in construction.

Michael Shelton Apr 23, 2019

Types of Hand and Finger Injuries at Construction Sites

Michael E. Shelton protects the rights of workers who have been injured in construction accidents involving hand and finger injuries.

Michael Shelton Mar 23, 2019

Construction Accidents and Damages for Lifelong Disability

If a construction accident caused a lifelong disability, attorney Michael E. Shelton can help you obtain damages for your injuries.

Michael Shelton Feb 25, 2019

The Fatal Four in Construction Accidents

The Fatal Four are common construction accidents that result in fatalities. An on-the-job injury and worker’s compensation lawyer can help with legal disputes.

Michael Shelton Dec 28, 2018

Electrocution Accidents and Lack of Ground-Fault Protection

Lack of ground-fault protection can lead to electrocution accidents. Our work injury law firm considers safety precautions and your legal options after electrical shock.

Michael Shelton Nov 07, 2018

Construction Accident Statistics

The attorneys at Shelton Law Firm present construction accident statistics that show just how dangerous this field of work can be.

Michael Shelton Oct 08, 2018

Construction Accidents Eye Injuries: Hazards at Work Sites

Thousands of eye injuries are liked to construction accidents every year. The legal team at our law firm considers safety gear and prevention, vision protection,…

Michael Shelton Aug 23, 2018

Construction Accidents and Head Injuries

Head injuries at construction sites can lead to brain damage and lasting disability. A Houston, TX attorney at the Shelton Law Firm can help with…

Michael Shelton Jul 23, 2018

Construction Accidents and Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment accidents at construction sites cause catastrophic injury and fatalities. A Houston, TX accident attorney from The Shelton Law Firm can help injured workers.

Michael Shelton Jun 23, 2018

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