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Industrial Accidents

Our state gives a big Texas welcome to the titans of industry, from oil refining to defense industries to advanced manufacturing.

However, regular people often find that not everything’s big in Texas when they’re seeking help after an on-the-job accident.

The Shelton Law Firm in Houston, TX, works to ensure you get all the benefits you deserve in an industrial accident.

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Michael E. Shelton brings 40 years of legal experience to your industrial accident case, plus hands-on experience working on oil rigs. Just like you, he knows what it means to get your hands dirty and toil for hours in a physically demanding job. And coming from a blue-collar family, he knows the price workers pay when they are injured on the job.

Mr. Shelton, a card-carrying union member, understands the hurdles workers face in securing their rightful workers' compensation benefits. And he also knows when you have the legal standing to fight for more than the limited benefits that come with workers' compensation. In those situations, he has the expertise and experience to bring a personal injury lawsuit, either against a third party or even your employer, and fight for the full compensation you deserve.

Industrial workers who create important infrastructure and help power our nation need a proven legal advocate when they suffer workplace injuries. 

Workers Deserve an Attorney Who Works for Them
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Industrial accident attorney Michael Shelton of Houston, TX, has spent 40-plus years helping working families suffering in the aftermath of workplace injuries or wrongful deaths receive the benefits and compensation due them.

With his insider's knowledge and attorney skills, he excels at investigating the root cause of industrial accidents, uncovering negligence, and holding insurance companies accountable for compensation.

Industrial accident attorney Michael Shelton isn't your typical lawyer in a three-piece suit. He holds a union card as a journeyman pipefitter and is general counsel for the Texas Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO. His unique background gives him deep insight into the issues you face and the best way to maximize your compensation. Call us now or request a consultation using our online form.

Michael Shelton with clients

"Everything was taken care of."

In Diane's workers' compensation attorney testimonial, she explains everything that Michael E. Shelton did for her and her family. After catastrophic burns due to a natural gas explosion, he worked closely with all the injured parties to help them focus on recovery. He even provided financial support to one client until they were able to settle the case.

Verdicts & Settlements The Shelton Law Firm in Houston has won more than $45 million for workers in the field.

Do Not Miss Your Claim Deadline

The law grants limited time in which to take action. If you delay, you risk forever losing the ability to receive the compensation you deserve. In rare instances, our Houston-based attorney can look into possible deadline extensions. However, these are the deadlines that the vast majority of cases involve:

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

In Texas, the statute of limitations dictates that a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within two years from the date of the incident. Wrongful death suits also have a two-year deadline, but the clock starts ticking from the moment of your loved one's death, even if that occurred after their original incident. 

Workers' Compensation

If your employer carries workers' compensation insurance, you have 30 days from the time of your accident to inform them of your injury. The deadline to report your injury to the Division of Workers' Compensation is one year from the time of the initial injury. If your claim has already been denied, Mr. Shelton can file an appeal on your behalf.

Fighting for Justice for Injured Workers in Texas, Louisiana, & Nationwide

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in an industrial accident, write to us or call attorney Shelton's Houston office today. (713) 807-0700

Attorney Michael Shelton has been fighting for his fellow workers since he founded his firm in 1974.

Yes, You Can Afford a Top-Rated Lawyer We Work On a Contingency Basis

Our injury attorney understands that most working people that are injured don't have a big stockpile of cash, and they can't afford to pay a lawyer by the hour. So he works on a contingency basis, which means he won't get paid unless you win a verdict or receive compensation.

Your employer has lawyers. The insurance company has lawyers. You need a lawyer. And, yes, you can afford our industrial accident lawyer, Michael Shelton.

"If I don't make a recovery, I don't receive a fee. The time, the work, the expense that I have put in, I simply lose that, which of course, gives me an incentive to get the best result possible for my client. And that includes hiring the best experts that can be found in whatever field is involved, whether it's metallurgy, accident reconstruction, aircraft reconstruction, pipeline accident reconstruction."

When you've suffered a serious injury, attorney Michael Shelton of Houston has the personal injury law experience, proven negotiation and litigation skills, and a network of investigation specialists to win the compensation you deserve.

Workers' Compensation in Texas:

What's the Real Deal?

Unlike other states, Texas does not require an employer to have workers' compensation coverage.

In fact, some of the state's biggest employers do not carry workers' compensation insurance. However, if they don't, they are considered "non-subscribers" and open to personal injury lawsuits brought by employees injured on the job.

Does your employer carry state-approved workers' compensation coverage? Sometimes firms offer alternative plans. However, companies who offer other types of compensation are still considered non-subscribers, and they lose their legal protections from most lawsuits.

Unfortunately, many workers are misled into thinking these alternative policies are the same as workers' compensation coverage and do not realize they can sue after a workplace injury. Our work injury attorney can assess your company's coverage to determine your benefits and if you have the right to pursue a lawsuit.

The Basics of Workplace Negligence

Proving negligence is the key to winning a personal injury lawsuit. Essentially, negligence is failing to take proper precautions that prevent or minimize harm. An example is the owner of an oil refinery ignoring necessary maintenance, leading to a piece of equipment failing and injuring a worker in a dangerous accident. In this case, the injured party would need to work with an attorney to prove the refinery owner is to blame. Texas is a "comparative negligence" state. This means that even if you played a role in causing your injury, you can still receive compensation as long as you are not more than 50% responsible for your injury. 

Establishing negligence requires proving that the responsible party had a legal duty to act in a certain way, which they failed to meet. We must also prove that your injury was caused by this failure, and that a reasonable person clearly should have known that such behavior would increase someone else's risk of injury. Finally, you must have sustained real and demonstrable harm that can be compensated. 

Mr. Shelton has successfully represented workers injured in industrial accidents for decades. Clients can depend on Mr. Shelton to gather the evidence needed to help them collect the compensation they deserve.

"Mr. Shelton is a superb lawyer with great experience in personal injury cases, such as mine. He has not once let me down and is very supportive in every way. Because of my injury, I have not been able to work, but Mr. Shelton has made sure to help my family financially until my case is over.... I highly recommend Mr. Shelton for anyone who has had an accident at work." Jaime
Michael E. Shelton

The Shelton Law Firm

Personal injury attorney Michael E. Shelton has been representing victims of catastrophic injuries in Houston, Texas, for nearly 50 years. He is proud to be a union card holder as a journeyman pipefitter and General Counsel for the Texas Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO. He is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:

  • The Texas Bar Association
  • The Houston Bar Association
  • The Louisiana State Bar
  • The Louisiana Association for Justice

If you are the victim of a personal injury, schedule a free consultation with The Shelton Law Firm today by contacting us online or calling (713) 807-0700.

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